Eurythmy is an essential component of the
school’s curriculum from Kindergarten
through Grade 12. This artistic movement
discipline, unique to Waldorf schools,
strives to portray stories, poems and music
in group movement.

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Creative Development through Special Subjects:
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Eurythmy is an artistic movement discipline
developed by Rudolf Steiner, the founder
of the Waldorf School. It is related to
modern dance, is expressive as is mime,
and flows as does Tai Chi. It is a stage art,
but also has pedagogic and therapeutic
applications. The alphabet appears in
specific sound gestures, as do the tones and
intervals of music. Group choreography is
drawn from forms found in nature, such as
spirals, stars and figure eights. In older
grades complicated geometric forms are
pursued in work with larger groups.

The eurythmy curriculum parallels that
of the age and grade of the children: 
Kindergarten and 1st Graders work with
Nursery rhymes, small practical stories
of daily life with simple work
movements and interactions, and,
especially in 1st Grade, with Grimm’s
Fairy Tales; 4th Graders with Norse or
other folk myths; 6th Graders with large,
exact geometric form in beautiful
motion. Eurythmy strengthens the
students’ vitality through this artistic
deepening of the curriculum, providing
a strong foundation for life-long
physical as well as emotional and social
health. With the youngest, all move
together to stories, verses and music, in
a constant imitative stream, always in
the circle. The older the child, the more
the stream is broken down, individual
gestures learned and practiced, and the
more exact, individual work is asked of
each child. In 4th Grade the circle form is
opened and the children begin facing
front, i.e., the audience, for parts of the
lesson. By 6th Grade children are
challenged to develop their own forms
and gestures to specific pieces. At every
level dances, games and exercises
promote an ever deeper grasp of one’s
body in space, with 360° of awareness 
and the ability to move with an entire group in ever-more complicated forms. Dexterity in foot and hand are promoted at all levels, as well as a deeper and more enlivened grasp of main lesson material. This all promotes athletic ability in any physical endeavor, greater social awareness and flexibility, and is a mainstay of intellectual development, as research by mainstream science in the last twenty years has borne out repeatedly. Throughout the year classes can share their progress in eurythmy by performing on stage, often in costume, at a school assembly or festival.

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