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Eighth Grade
As students enter the 8th grade, they reach the culmination of their grade school experience. Sharper observational skills and growing critical faculties prepare them for their transition into high school. Connections, relationships between people, cultures and events, similar patterns that hold true across varied contexts - these are the tools that are sharpened through the 8th grade curriculum.

History study looks at these connections through exploration of the American, French and Industrial Revolutions.  Chemistry builds on 7th grade science to include the study of sugars, starches, proteins, fats, and oils in the body and in industry. Physics also continues to build on the previous year’s foundation with hydraulics, aeromechanics and practical applications of electromagnetism in motors. World geography surveys landforms, ocean currents, atmosphere, climates and life zone of the entire earth with emphasis on how these things affect life and culture both now and in the past.
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