Nursery Program Overview

•  Children ages 3-4
•  Class size: 12 student maximum
•  One Lead Teacher & One Assistant 
•  2-Day Program: Thursday - Friday
•  3-Day Program: Monday - Wednesday
•  5-Day Program: Monday - Friday

•  Half-Day Option: 8:30am - 12:15pm
•  Full-Day Option: 8:30am - 2:50pm

•  Before care (7-8am) and Aftercare (2:50-6pm) are available.

Our Nursery Program provides a nurturing, orderly and beautiful environment for young children to make their transition from home to school.  Activities range from the practical, such as table setting and washing dishes, to the artistic, such as water color painting and coloring.  This may be the first time they are part of a group, so adjusting to each other and learning to take turns and take part in a circle (even if short) are big steps for young children. This is also the age when they transition from parallel play to social play.
That means learning how to be with another human in a kind and gentle way.  The child’s day flows in a rhythmic way, providing a balance of focused activity and creative free play, with plenty of movement, song and outdoor activity.

Applications are available on our Admissions Process page.
School Day
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Tues., Mar. 9, 2016
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Mon., Feb. 22, 2016
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Watercolors at Waldorf
Tues., Feb 16, 2016
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