Physical Education
In all grades, gymnastics, tumbling, acrobatics, games and many other athletic activities complement the curriculum and meet and assist the child's development (in addition to the movement provided in our Eurythmy classes and many other indoor and outdoor movement activities).  Because we believe that all aspects of academic readiness are achieved or strengthened through movement, this program incorporates much more than “the usual” gym class.  For instance, when the students are studying ancient Greek history in Fifth Grade, they will take part in sports that were part of the original Olympics.  Emphasis is placed on helping children acquire and improve their movement and sports skills.

In 7th and 8th grade, the athletics/movement program is accelerated and expanded to include dance (African dance, hip hop, ballroom); orienteering; swimming and diving; cross country skiing; advanced gymnastics; volleyball; tennis; and wrestling.  Our primary goals are to enhance current fitness, prepare graduates for a high school team sport, and introduce a wide range of activities for healthy, joyful movement throughout life.
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